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  1. Just gets better.
    I realize there are people who make schooling work for their families, but the longer I was outside, the more I realized how intrusive the education system really is. You don’t have a family anymore except when they allow you that bit of time in your schedule. The endless homework (busywork, mostly… and what the hell are they doing all day that they have to send home a stack of worksheets???)getting up early, being gone all day, being told when to eat, when to pee, when and what to learn, not being allowed to REALLY learn, just having bits of knowledge bolted on or spooned in….

    I once went to pick up my son from school 30 minutes early because he had a mild emergency dental appointment. I took the first appointment I could get for him.

    The frosty old bitch behind the desk said, in the most condescending tone imaginable, “Well, we will LET you take him this time, but we like you to arrange things outside school hours.”

    I know it’s a shock considering that I mostly just blurt out whatever I am thinking, but because they still had him in their school, I was polite. I didn’t want them to take my attitude out on him.

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