1. Jutta P.

    Sheesh, this post makes me glad I’m not hosting. I think I just got too tired to attend thanksgiving dinner even. 😉 On the plus side, it’s been awhile since I haven’t been pregnant on thanksgiving. So, I’m just gonna enjoy eating to my heart’s content since I have room in my belly!

  2. Itzel Santiago

    Oh man thank you, this has given me lots of new ideas for Thanksgiving. This year I’m not hosting but these ideas can help our my mother who is. We come from a very large family and anyway to save is always appreciated. Thank You

  3. Katy Baird

    My family always does a semi-potluck. My mom is in charge of the ham or turkey (or both if she wants) and my sister and I are responsible for the sides. Sometimes we cook them all in one kitchen, sometimes we bring them already prepared, but most of the time, getting everything ready together is half the fun!

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