1. Jutta P.

    My son’s first Christmas is a little fuzzy because I had just given birth on Dec. 9 and I was in a newborn haze with all sorts of breastfeeding problems, but I digress. We got my daughter a mini travel pillow to use as a “boppy” for her baby doll. She was so excited. It was very cute. I also tear up at those photos now because she had that one baby doll that she loved so much. Well, the next Christmas a very generous person got her a Bitty Baby and her “old” doll has been hanging out in the stuffed animal bin ever since. I miss Little Baby!

  2. Andrea Slagle

    I’m pregnant with my first child, so I don’t have any memories with my own kids yet. But when we were young, my sister and I would turn on the Christmas lights on the tree, turn off the lights, and sing Christmas carols!

  3. Post a picture of the Easter Egg thing… never heard of it. And I’d like to see it.

    I didn’t realize how wonderful the aunties were until they were mostly all gone. And it took me until I was a senior in high school before I figured out they were all sisters.

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