1. Lindsay H


    We have preschool conferences coming up soon, and yeah, so far we know our son has been picked on by other kids and that they aren’t teaching him much at all. I don’t really know what to expect at conferences!

  2. I know this is pushy, and I’m giving unsolicited advice to someone who didn’t ask, but I’ve been through this three times already. My so was a gifted student. My daughter born 9 years later is more gifted than he is. Now my son is making the same decisions about his son. You don’t have a lot of options and the best ones are pricey. You could leave things as they are and continue to challenge her at home. The pro is that your child is in an age appropriate environment. The con is that she won’t be challenged in school and that can cause behavior issues even if she isn’t having them now. Yo u could look for a private school that can take the time to challenge your child. The pro is the possibility that your child will be in both an age and intellectual appropriate environment and will be challenged. The con is that private schools that cater to advanced children are extremely expensive and not available everywhere. The third option is to home school. The obvious pro is that you know your child’s ability and can challenge her. The con is that it can be expensive and finding challenging age appropriate materials is difficult. It is especially difficult as she approaches middle school when intellectual ability is above that of most high functioning adults, but teaching materials aren’t geared for that level of learning.

    It’s your decision and no one can make it for you. There is no guide to which is right or wrong. Just be sure that you feel confident in what you choose to do.

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