1. I’m not a fan of the LE prints/colors. I get it, it’s good marketing, but I prefer drama free. I don’t want to have to ‘fight’ to checkout on a site. So I normally steer clear unless it’s a print or color I really, really like. Otherwise, there are tons of cute diaper prints and colors out there that I don’t have to work hard to find.

  2. I think some of it is that there is SO MUCH HYPE that a big portion of people feel let down.. not to mention all the other reasons to feel that bitter feeling creep up in the back of your throat…
    It isn’t what diapering is supposed to be about.. it’s about what is good for baby.. and baby really really doesn’t want mommy so upset… right?

  3. The only limited edition diapers that I have bought are from Best Bottom. And I bought them at the time only because I liked the color combos. I am so not into the hype of limited edition anything — especially diapers. Glorified poop catchers, people, glorified poop catchers.

  4. Heather… HA HA HA yes indeed. No other collectible can be poo’d on and still be worth a lot more than its original retail value!

  5. Jutta P.

    I enjoy it! Prints or new colors are fun! I like knowing that the manufacturer put thought and energy into a “new” product. There is definitely the potential for cloth diapers to become “stale”. Would I enjoy cloth diapering as much with plastic pants as I do with my Jules? Hmmmm…. I don’t like the drama and I tend not be competitive. But it does give me a little thrill to be able to “score” something. I don’t plan to make a buck on it if I sell. I appreciate cloth diapers for their service. If it works well for me, I will use it. And the only diapers that I have that are “worth” anything are those that are NOT my favorites. The diapers that I use frequently are probably only going to be serviceable for my children. I don’t expect them to diaper anymore children after mine.

  6. Maegan

    I’m more concerned about the financial aspect. When retailers decide to make everything in a limited run…so EVERYTHING becomes high demand…they either raise prices themselves or the scalpers get greedier and start charging more. People cloth diapering so they don’t have to scrimp on milk & bread are either running out of cheaper options…or spending money they don’t have to keep their babies diapered. I cloth diaper for cost saving. I accidentally grabbed a Jules & Carroll before I realized the hype. I thought they were cute, and we needed a few new diapers…so they went in the basket with a few other colors.

    Since then I’ve seen the buzz…and while I’m tempted to let this waterproof poop catcher go for big bucks (hey…maybe I could buy several new regular covers with the money!) …I don’t feel like it’s right to scalp someone for a product that I paid for…and used….and have gotten my money’s worth out of!

  7. victoria W

    I know some moms love them and fight hard, the only time I’ve ever justified getting a limited edition was the Irwin because my little loves green. My big LE hunt essentially went, hey if you have an extra can I exchange this colour for that one. It was zero issue at all which is the only way I’ll do cloth, I’ve got enough drama in my life 🙂

  8. Hannah H.

    My issue with the LE hype? It scares newbies off. Let’s say I’m a first time mom, with a limited budget, who wants to try to cloth. I ion a popular cloth diaper group and am all ready to hear about the money I’m going to save. Then I start seeing posts about $50 diapers and then I see the drama. I might choose to persevere but, more likely, I’ll take my exhausted brain and limited pocket book and end up in sposies. Sounds far fetched except, I’ve seen it happen, MULTIPLE times. I’ve caught the LE fever a few times myself, but I will not spend more than $20 shipped on a diaper, even if it means getting a used one in questionable condition as a project diaper.

    Just today I stumbled on something on another page (a cooking blog) and the drama that was caused by a post there really drove home a new age golden rule to me: if you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it online. I think this should apply doubly to a certain group of CD LE hunters….

  9. Rose

    I can’t stand the drama over Limited Edition diapers, but the fact that some diapers are limited and in demand, and therefore command a higher market value, is not in and of itself a problem. If someone wants to pay $$ for one then that’s up to them. I don’t know why we’re treating cloth diaper buyers (usually women) like children (oh wait, yes I do). Let them decide how to price and spend their money. There are SO many other brands and prints out there. Not getting a Jules for your stash is really really not significant to anything at all in life.

  10. Rose

    And also I think we’re forgetting that many people CD for different reasons. For SOME its about the $$ savings, environment, etc. Some of them do it for fashion (and like all fashion there will always be people who can afford more expensive luxury items) and some people just plain like the thrill of LE stockings.

  11. I kind of get it- almost all of my diapers are boring old plain colors.. functional but I love them. I was lured into buying a few “Chinese Cheapies” for a print, and I was of course disappointed with performance.

    The big companies in the US are probably feeling that pinch from the off shore companies doing SO many prints that are not here…it gives them a little edge.. I suppose if it keeps people from buying inferior diapers, I guess it is ok to keep the interest up..


  12. Tiffany

    I came to cloth diapering just after the $100 honeyboys in 2002. That is an eon ago in cloth diapering. I remember the Diaper Gardens, the Elbee waitlists, the Mosaic Moon insanity. And frankly I just can’t get excited about any of the new stuff. Sad but true.

  13. There’s a fine line. If a person doesn’t want to feed the hype of limited edition, then don’t play. Likewise, I also like that a lot of retailers are starting to limit the number of limited edition diapers a customer can buy. It helps prevent the scalping culture.

  14. Sheryl Lynn

    Honestly its a mixed bag. the manufacturer is creating a demand for the diaper BUT losing $ on the diapers that get resold. I think a longer limited edition would benefit everyone more. sorry but I will NOT pay inflated prices for a diaper to be pooped in. I think overall though its giving cloth diapering a BAD name. People are seeing diapers that sell for $30 or more and don’t see how you can possibly save $. Also alot of the new diapers are so “delicate” delaminating PUL, poor elastic and snaps etc that people get scared off as it appears too expensive and too much work. The reality is that prefolds or fitted with a cover are inexpensive, hold up better and not delicate either. As a mom of 8 I hate to see all the posts form the new moms who get scared away from cloth diapering. Iys become a fashion fad, with people posting pictures of their “stash: of hundreds of diapers while some moms struggle to buy the 24-36 diapers they actually need.

  15. Amy

    Coming from someone who has never used a cloth diaper because my husband refuses to change them, I am sure my opinion counts little but it is a diaper and it is made to be pooped on. Who cares what it looks like if it functions well. I don’t send my kids out in diapers without clothing on top anyway. Funny post and I do understand that you are writing somewhat tongue in cheek.

  16. Sarah

    Not sure Lovelace was considered a LE but that’s the only LE ones I ever owned. And i didnt hang out online waiting for it. They were cute. And out of 4 4.0s and 2 flips I have one that survived my second child to my current baby. I bought them hoping to resell used someday… Nope.
    What I don’t like about prints is that they don’t go with everything! I’d rather have a cute top/dress on my girl with a solid diaper that matches than to have to always use a solid shirt to match my prints. If it doesn’t match it gets covered up in public.

    Amy, my hubby wouldn’t change a cloth at first. But once I did Velcro pockets he would change it. I just fished out the disposable wipes and cleaned the poop when I came home.
    I’ve decided if I dot have a box of disposables I (and he) won’t be tempted to use them. We have a few – just in case. But once they are gone one not restocking that size 🙂

  17. Kayla

    Thank you ! This is everything I’ve been saying in my close circles ever since Jules came onto the scene. Obviously we are talking about CB here. I have no problem calling them out. BumGenius was my first cloth diaper and I loved it! Still do! It’s my very very favorite diaper. But this limited edition shenanigans has really turned me off from the brand. Lovelace and Mathaai are my very favorite prints, of all time, of any brand, hands down…. The newest prints since pale in comparison. But I got sucked into the craze and stalked a store until I got my hands on both a Jules and Caroll and I didn’t even like them. As soon as Audrey came out and again I disliked the print but felt a weird need to buy it or I thought I would miss out forever I had a serious discussion with myself. It’s. Not. Worth. It. So I sold all 3 of them and have since sworn off limited edition prints. Even my beloved Tots Bots. I will not do it. Cloth diapering (and purchasing) used to be so simple and FUN. Now it’s stressful and agrivating. I don’t need any extra stress in my life, especially from cloth diapers. I’m still hoping CB will come out with some non LE prints but I doubt it. Oh well. Thanks for the post 🙂 I’m glad I’m not the only one who has a serious issue with this.

  18. I feel like the LE stuff is a dubious marketing practice. Cloth diapering should be about the environment. (And I believe that all reusable products should also save you money in the long run.) As a cloth diaper retailer, I actually get really frustrated with the LE marketing and how much it feeds the consumerist mentality. It gives parents who are already susceptible to addiction to take that shopping/cloth diaper addiction one step further. Because hey, if everyone else is doing it, why not?

    I agree that it scares off people new to cloth. We are developing our own products & retailing ones for other manufacturers, and I refuse to help market LE prints/colours, etc. I want customers to use cloth diapers because they really, truly want to; not because they feel really compelled to buy a new print due to advertising.

    I appreciate people who buy the amount of diapers they need & use them. And walk away from the buying frenzy and move on with their lives. I’m sure it seems weird as a retailer, but I really, truly love the customers that just come back to us for flushable liners, or diaper creams, and not back for the 50th time for a print they “just gotta have.”

    Maybe I’m just a crappy business person. lol.

  19. I see both sides of this coin. I have a few LE diapers, a few AppleCheeks and a Chaplin as well as my Ragababes that aren’t exactly LE but they only come out once a year or even longer. I won’t pay over retail for them but if I can get one at retail and it’s a diaper that I like and will use then I will grab one. I love that the resale value is on my side with them but I absolutely hate when people buy them for the sole purpose of scalping them. I don’t get into the drama of it all. We’re grown women who are supposed to be raising children, not acting like them.

  20. Thanks for this post, this has been on my mind for a while! I am torn on how I feel about LE diapers… it’s a love/hate relationship. When TotsBots released 300 Royal Flush diapers in honour of Prince George’s birth, I just kept thinking how much MORE amazing it would have been to release a lot more and have proceeds go to Kate’s favourite charity. I’m not going to shell out more than retail for a diaper, but I have sold diapers for over retail because, well, it’s very tempting! Some times I’ve purchased a large lot of AppleCheeks and covered the cost by reselling just the HTF s at “reasonable” prices (making collectors super happy, and me too!)! It is a question of supply and demand…. And I love my Jules, and wouldn’t sell it for less than $100… but since I can’t possibly justify that price I shall just keep it!

  21. Jessica

    I just don’t see the appeal. My daughter never runs around bottomless, so the only times her diaper is seen is during diaper changes. Also, I like solid colored diapers better anyways because they won’t look as dated as some prints. If there was a print I really liked I would buy it, but I’m not paying double retail or stalking diaper retailers to get it. We’re not celebrities. We don’t need a “limited edition” anything for our kid to poop on.

  22. momma4boys

    I bought two htf diapers before they were htf, without even knowing what a htf was. Posted a pic to a mommy group and had people jumping down my throat bc I refused to sell for offers of $50+ … Duuuude it’s a poop catcher.

  23. Mackenzie FINLEY

    I have very limited funds and I would rather buy used/leftover diapers! Way less drama!

  24. Delacey

    I find the majority of the LE prints are well…ugly. Some are nice, but a lot do nothing for me. Some look ok if you have a good placement of the print, but that’s a crap shoot (pun intended). I do prefer the way AC role out their LE colors and prints, you know you have an opportunity to get it without stalking or racing out to your store (while its still being sold). I just can’t get into the hype.

  25. Maegan

    My issue is not whether or not these things are cute or interesting or…even a “must have” for someone who cloth diapers for other than financial reasons. My concern is how this will impact basic manufacturing and retail sales over all.

    When the manufacturers realize someone will pay $50 for one basic diaper or cover…they’ll start pricing all their diapers that way.

  26. Refreshing take on cloth diapering! I wondered myself why there is so much craze for these limited editions, and cloth diapering in general. Don’t get me wrong, I love my cloth diapers, but as you say – it’s just a diaper. I love my own underwear as well, but I don’t get special editions. 🙂

  27. It bugs me when mamas who wanted one or two of a certain print can’t get them because the company sells out in a matter of minutes from women buying the diapers in bulk to resell them at inflated prices. But it’s a buyer’s market. If people didn’t pay those prices, then people wouldn’t continue to sell them at exhorbent prices.

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