1. I kind of wish that I lived in the country so I had more space for the outdoors. But my little garden is suiting me just fine. I even have my own corn patch and pumpkin patches.

    And congrats on the 2,500th post! I meant to post when I got to 3,000 but forgot. Oops! Here’s to 2,500 more!

  2. Jutta P.

    I love your sweet garden and the fact that you live in the country. We still live “in town”, but we live in a very rural community. Love the fact that my kids can grow up outdoors!

  3. chris

    wow that is an astounding number of posts! congrats also on 13yrs of marriage, today that is an accomplishment indeed!

  4. Jodi Armstrong

    I can be tricky sometimes w. so much space— so many options 🙂 we have a garden going also…. part is compost garden- i love how every year i have surprise plants

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