1. Rachel

    I wanted to be a vet for quite a while. Now I always think that kids that want to be vets will grow out of it, but that’s silly b/c some people actually grow up to be vets!

  2. Michelle T

    I always had two things I wanted to be: an archeologist and a scientist. The older I got the more I just wanted to work in a lab, even if it was just testing urine samples. I never did get to my lab… My first baby came in my first year of college, and life has been, well, life. I still hope to make it! Maybe even do the big important experiments I dreamed of as a child….

  3. Not commoners! I think all little girls are princesses! Have you seen the article about the security guard at Disney that collects little Princess autographs from all the little girls? I just LOVE that!

  4. Kim Barrows

    My oldest has wanted to be a veterinarian since she was 3 (now 11) but she gets queasy when I change her earrings so not sure how she will give shots lol. My middle daughter wants to be a firefighter like her Daddy 🙂 and my middle son wants to be a NFL star/construction worker who does Minute To Win It on the side lol!! My youngest is 3 months old so right now she wants to be a marathon breastfeeder! I always wanted to be a mommy 🙂

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