1. Jutta P.

    Well done! Love it! I also love the pics and knowing that I’m not the only Mom who’s diapers look like that sometimes too! Thanks!

  2. Rachel

    I find it hard to know what to do, too…..I do kindof wonder if I’d be better off destashing a few to avoid storing so many.

  3. chris

    I think I will consider making my own divider system, that would keep them upright like you have yours, but with a thin divider in between each one. That would help keep the bulkier diapers separated and more organized over time. 🙂

  4. Right now I take a lot of joy in folding/putting away my diapers; we’ll see how long that lasts when #2 is born! lol Thanks for this post and the visuals!

  5. Nonni has the best answer.That is how i taienrd all my 4 boys. they were all fully taienrd by the age of 3. it takes time, but it will soon happen.References :

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