1. Yeah, the title really had nothing to do with the article. The article itself was just a fluffy thing. A space filler.

    Most of the time, moms figure out what works best for them. Unfortunately, not without guilt. That guilt, however, is constantly with us. I’d venture to say our choices don’t even matter… we will still have the guilt, no matter how we choose. 🙂

    I think it’s like most parenting issues… what worked best for me may not be what’s best for you. And supporting people as they find their path through parenthood should be a bigger priority than comparing choices and deciding that someone doing it differently than you did (generic you, of course) is doing it wrong.

  2. TIME is just trying to sell magazines in a world in which print news is dying. I ignore most of what the media tries to sell me. I do like your rewording: Breast is best, but formula is a good substitute.

  3. I’m not even sure what the point of the article was. I mean, really, it had nothing to do with science. It was more like an inflammatory blog post.

    Is breast milk best? I would imagine so since it’s how the human body is designed to feed offspring. Sure, formula is the next best thing… and for some families, it’s actually the very best thing for a variety of reasons. However, those reasons do not invalidate the fact that mammals are designed, either through evolution or intelligent design, to produce sustenance for their offspring. Period. (And I say this as someone who didn’t breastfeed. No biases toward breastfeeding here.)

  4. Michelle T

    I just want to say, breast is not best. Breast is normal. Formula is a blessing for those that need it, but it should not be considered normal or better than or as good as breast milk. It’s not.

  5. That article was pretty ridiculous, but they were just trying to sell magazines and stir up controversary, which they were successful at.

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