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  1. You’re not the only one to fall off the 40 bags bandwagon. Sometimes, something more important comes along.

    I am still going to work on decluttering, but a friend of mine, who is depressed much of the time suddenly had to have all her floors replaced (the landlord is selling her complex and hers were the only ones not done). She and her daughter got rid of a lot of stuff, though there’s still a lot left. My family went over to help her move stuff out and into a Pod for the week. I suggested to her that perhaps we should paint her apartment while things are out of the way (it hasn’t been painted in at least 15 years). I had leftover paint at my house and so I went to it. Those thirsty walls drank in the paint and asked for more – but the resulting paint job is just wonderful! Very cheery. She says her spirits are lifted every time she comes home – which was kind of the point. As I said, much more important than sticking to the 40 bag schedule.

    Your kids and your health are more important than 40 bags. Just keep on keeping on and even if you finish after Lent, you know what you want to accomplish.

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