1. For me a shower wasn’t optional. It’s my coffee. My wake up. The thing that above all else MUST happen for my sanity daily.

    So I had to get up before my husband left the house VERY early in the morning. The shower was more important to me than my lack of sleep. I got my shower before he left. After that, no matter what went wrong, didn’t get done, no matter how busy or hectic or crazy life was for the day, I at least smelled good and my hair wasn’t greasy.

    I’m not saying that’s what you need to do, by the way. I’m just reminiscing.

    I do remember what it’s like to just put out fires all day long rather than do life. (((hugs))) It will get better.

    And here’s perspective? I know a mom with seven. Four of them were under five. DO not ask how long she had to go between showers.

    (((more hugs))

  2. Rachel

    Sounds exhausting! I hope things have improved for you. I can hear people suggesting shopping online but I know I can’t shop for clothes online! In a store I try on probably 40 shirts before finding one that I want to buy! No way I’d risk buying one I couldn’t try on (let alone touch!).

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