1. AmyKathryn

    *LOL* I’m glad I’m not the only one that’ll turn to “Hoarders” or similar shows to feel better about my situation 🙂 I’m jealous of your diapers…I have enough pockets to do laundry every day to day and a half! (Though I’m already getting the “storage” situation for clothes…he’s grown out of all NB and 3 month clothes, barely fits in a few 3-6 month clothes, and is comfortable in the 6-9 month clothes (and the 12 month clothes aren’t THAT big on him!)

  2. I”m not getting things done every day as I’d hoped. Work, meetings, life seems to get in the way. I did finally go through lots of paperwork, got rid of a lot, got my tax stuff in order and have a box of things to file. That paperwork thing was big! My linen closet actually holds towels now (there was no room before) and I weeded a whole box of knives out of the knife drawer!

  3. Michelle

    I hope you get everything taken care of! It’ll all be a bit easier when you don’t hurt 🙂

    You know, you have enough diapers there to really make a difference in someone’s life, namely a low income family…

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