Wordless Wednesday: Greasing a pan without getting your hands dirty

2 easy ways to grease a pan

2 easy ways to grease a pan

I hate greasing a pan because my fingers always feel greasy even after washing them. Some recipes call for greasing and flouring though, and so I have 2 ways to do this. Use a margarine/butter wrapper, or use a bit of plastic wrap, dip it in the fat, and grease the pan. Crisco would be an example of what you could use that way. I used some of the ‘self stick’ wrap, stuck it around my fingers so it stuck together and held, and my fingers stayed clean and I didn’t have to scrub them afterward and was immediately able to flour without taking a break. I suppose you could use a clean flour sack towel as well, but I don’t feel bad about the tiny piece of plastic I used when it saved me so much water and time!

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  1. Comment by ami:

    I use a paper towel. Wad it up a little and scoop and use it to rub the shortening on the pan.

    I don’t like grease on my hands either.

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