Weekend wrestling with 40 days goals


Laundry-I’ve been attempting to keep up with laundry. One load a day doesn’t cut it, so I’ve been doing 2-3 and that does seem to work out okay. There’s something off in the laundry rhythm that I need to fix. I’m not sure what it is, but I’ll get it figured out.

Prayers…I am praying when things come to me, and a friend asking me to pray for her daughter so I did that. I find that I’m struggling myself and praying for others helps me a lot.

Sweet-okay it’s Sunday morning and I already TORE into the bag of ‘chicks and rabbits’ my mom brought me on Monday. Because it would be a sin not to eat it as soon as I was able. Really. It would.

For me-We’ve been taking more walks. I also took a nap yesterday. I think I felt worse for it but I know I need it. I’m so tired and that makes me cranky, so at least I’m hitting some sort of reset button by doing that. I also went shopping first thing in the morning. I would rather have gone alone, but the baby came with and it was a 2+ hour adventure, just to get some groceries. I picked up a couple of other things that were clearanced, etc. for the kids but mostly it was just things that we needed or would like to eat. You know you haven’t done a major shop when you get about 5 different condiments in one single trip. Ha! We have run out of just about everything. Anyway, it was nice to not have to say ‘stop singing, no don’t stand up in the cart, put that down, I said put it DOWN, no one wants to hear you yell, please be quiet, don’t touch that it’s glass, no, please, no’… the ENTIRE TRIP. So yes, I guess the near solo grocery trip was just for me :).

40 bags-Okay so last check I was going to clear off my desk and the bookcase. Since I also put Christmas stuff away, I count that as 3 different chores and I’m caught up for the week now. I didn’t do the bookcase until this morning (Sunday) but I also rearranged the whole thing and put fresh books out in the downstairs bathroom, etc. I still need to clean the ones up in the upstairs bathroom, but that’s a separate thing.

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  1. Comment by Sayre:

    You’re doing better than me. Still, making the effort!!!!

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