1. Good for you!!!! In so many ways…

    I did much the same thing a few years ago. I was always busy, but didn’t seem to accomplish much. About that time, my son was having some troubles with school and making friends and I decided it was time to drag him to church (which worked wonders for me when I was a kid). Not only did he get a boost from going to church and joining the youth group, but I did too. There’s hardly a Sunday where all I do is go and be in the congregation. I’m either Lector, Usher, Greeter, Children’s Church Teacher or providing goodies for Social Minute (after church) or cooking for the youth group’s meeting Sunday evening. As busy as those things (and more) keep me, I rarely think “it’s too much”. It’s done wonders for me and it’ll do wonders for you too!

  2. I am being driven crazy by being stuck at home too. We’re trying to save up for another car right now, which would be awesome so I could take the kids out to different activities rather than be stuck at home all the time. We just started going back to the library too. I would really love to be more involved in the community, but it’s hard to muster up much enthusiasm when there’s only one car and in order to use it you have to get the young ones up and out of bed and into the car to take daddy to work. 😛 Here’s to hoping we get a new car so we can get active!

  3. The biggest reason I try to stay at home often is so I don’t go shopping and spend money. That, plus I NEED to clean and prepare for Baby #2’s arrival.

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