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  1. That’s a tough one! My husband is also my best friend, but lucky for me, he’s a friend who needs a lot of alone time, which I make sure he gets. Of course when he’s got his alone time to ride his bike or visit his friends, I get some too. It wasn’t like that when our son was little though. He stayed at home with the baby and I went to work, but as soon as I got home, I was mom and he was out the door for a bike ride or a walk. It was irritating (after all, I’d just put in a long day in the office), but I understood about needing time to yourself. I made sure I had some for me as well, even if it was folding laundry while watching something on TV all by myself. It’s a juggling act. We don’t always see eye to eye on things, especially when it comes to our son. He is very over-protective, whereas I let him do things so he can learn his limits. Nothing dangerous, but a little outside the comfort zone sometimes. I finally got to stay home from a field trip this year!!! My husband never felt comfortable letting him go somewhere without one of us there. I saw that as a way to put a damper on his social life (which is very, very limited already). Last year he went skiing with the youth group AND to Washington DC with his school group without us and he has grown so much from having to rely on himself. With three kids, I realize that this is going to be hard for you to pull off anytime soon, but try to find a little time for yourself without kids and without hubby on a regular basis. Maybe ask him for one day a month. You could go to town, get a pedicure, window shop, maybe see a movie by yourself. It’s a great restorative to just be able to breathe alone sometimes.

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