Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad…

45 years! I’m the baby of the family and they started late, so I’m sure it will be a similar feeling for Casey when we hit 45 years (God willing)… she will be around my age 🙂 I didn’t manage to do a thing for my parents for their anniversary, but I hope they understand.. life has been a little.. busy lately.

I would wax on and on about my parents and so forth, but let’s get real, I need to wake up this kid so she can eat! It’s medically necessary for her and physically for my own comfort, so no judgment!


My parents are not perfect. They did their best and got 3 pretty good adult kids out of the deal. We all have families with our own troubles, but we are good citizens in our communities and people count on us for things. My parents are now retired, and they are busier than ever. They volunteer. They advocate, they vote, they share their opinions. They have a wealth of knowledge I wish they would write down in a book, swear to God it would be a best seller. I have no idea what we would do without them. None. We love them so.

So.. yeah. That’s about it. Happy day mom and dad… we ALL love you! M, J, K, B, C!

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