1. Everyone can help. Sometimes it’s donating time. Sometimes it’s working with a charity. (I run my local chapter of Cloth for a Cause, a cloth diaper lending bank/registered charity that exists to loan diapers to struggling families.) Other times it’s donating stuff or money. Never underestimate the ability to help others.

  2. Ariel/ Blogs from a Single Mom

    Very encouraging! I think it’s a little bit disappointing that so many people need to be reminded that it’s nice to donate, and that many people only do it during the holidays. But the fact that it’s done at all gives me a little hope! I’m a big volunteer-er, mostly with animals. If you want to volunteer around the holidays but don’t have the funds or you aren’t a people person, you call always volunteer at your local animal shelter! They’re usually short on volunteers, ESPECIALLY during the holidays when many volunteer are out of town.

  3. My family and I give to various charities a few times a year. In the past we have helped animal shelters, food pantries, toy drives, and other various drives. This year we will probably give to our church’s Thanksgiving food drive again.

  4. In the past I have donated to Toys for Tots and similar organizations around the holidays and every year we donate a few food items as well. It’s easy to do and doesn’t have to cost much.

  5. My son’s birthday is next month and since he has so much already, I have asked that in lieu of gifts that the guests donate cloth diapers or non-perishable food.

    In addition, I allow my children to earn money by going above and beyond their chores so that they can buy toys and hygiene items for Operation Christmas Child.

    Even if you have very little, you can still find ways to give, even if it means selling off material items that you do not need in order to buy a few cans of food…

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