1. Katie

    I’m in the process of arranging a “faux”mschooling co-op preschool with some people in my neighborhood (that attend our church). I only have one other parent committed to do it with me at the moment. My son is nearing 5 and his behavior also gets particularly bad when he is bored! He can read a little bit, but I’ve noticed he has kind of come to a stand still because I haven’t been doing anything to push him forward and keep progressing! Your post is actually giving me a bit of a kick in the pants to get going on this! I’ve been a bit lazy lately and he’s been watching far too much TV!

  2. I am starting homeschool preschool this fall. I personally am writing up lesson plans to help guide me. We have been doing more of a ‘faux’mschooling thing up until now. But I personally crave more structure and planning, so, for me to help guide my daughter, I am going to be a little more structured this fall.

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