1. Regina

    No – I don’t think she will continually be alone. I think she is 4 – and this is not all that atypical of 4. As she starts school and interacts with her peers more – she will find her way. That way may not be surrounded by scads of friends – but maybe one or two like my guy -but it will be her way, just as it is his way -not mine.

    Just curious – have you asked SIL what is behind the invite to the younger one only? Is she aware this will hurt the feelings of the older one? And you always have the option to say no – especially with the 3 hour drive and the fact that YOU are supposed to be taking it EASY!!!!!!

  2. My two cents – My husband and I just finished a parenting book that started with the statement that the first 5-7 years is the most crucial time in the child’s life. What occurs during this time sets the stage for how they cope with life later on. It is very important that children are treated as equals. This doesn’t mean that the 2 year is held up to the same expectations as the 5 year old…but they need to feel that they are loved just as much as the other.

    Additionally, they need to be respected as individuals. As a parent, I would see no problem with a sibling taking one of my two children for a weekend, but…that sibling better take the other child on a special weekend too.

    My husband and I switch off each week spending time with one of the children, this has made a HUGE impact on their sibling rivalry. They both feel like they are a special part of the family. We have a calendar where we mark “daddy’s day with ‘D'” & “mommy’s day with ‘J'”, and then the next week it is “daddy’s day with ‘J'” & “mommy’s day with ‘D'”.

    Perhaps you could ask your sister that next time around take the 5 year old and explain to her that this time it is sister’s turn and that you will do something special without her little sister. I am sure she would love the one on one time 🙂

  3. I would, quite simply, say no. The kids thing is normal, and she’ll figure it out. But she shouldn’t be excluded by the family… and the six hour round trip to drop off one child while one will be excluded is more than a little ridiculous.

    And talk to your sister. Ask her how she’d feel if this was her child being left out. She may not have even considered that.

  4. I agree with Suzi.
    No. Absolutely not.
    You don’t even have to offer an explanation. Your children, your decision.

    And Ms Keeley is acting in an age appropriate manner most of the time, I’m sure.

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