Fetus Friday: Baby 2013 Week 25 Update

A peek at the week….inside my womb:

Fruit/Veggie Comparison: Baby is the size of a rutabega 13.5 inches long and about a pound and a half

Shape: I would say I have lovely lady lumps, but that’s not quite accurate… huge.. let’s go with huge.

Food: I’m usually  not even really hungry until lunch or dinner time. I eat in the morning just because. This is the weirdest pregnancy… but I’ve gained more weight :/

Least favorite thing: Pregnancy paranoia–everything feels so serious or like such a tragedy, even if I know it’s not ‘possible’ or ‘real’… or necessarily that bad.

Most favorite thing: At this point I’m not really sure. Baby only moves at certain times of the day (mom fed me yeah!!!!)  so it’s not like I get the unexpected punch or anything. I think I’m just feeling blah right now… maybe the most important thing is that I’m still pregnant…

Mental state: Paranoid


Since last week, we’ve stopped diapers on the toddler, moved her upstairs into her own room in her big girl bed, and purchased some accessories for both the bathroom upstairs and her new room. We put up the nice blind in there, moved up a radio, etc.

We also bought paint and all the accessories to rip out the baseboard and paint the ENTIRE downstairs. We’ll see whether it gets done or not. A girl can dream. Basically all 3 kids rooms are done and the entire rest of the upstairs, and 3 walls in the pantry. That’s it. Hopefully we made some good choices for the rest of the house. Once they’re on the walls, they’ll probably stay a while.

I recently won 7 new diapers from a giveaway. I was shocked considering how few entries I had.  We’ll see if they all arrive and if any of them fit a newborn. Should be fun. I had the nursery kind of in shape and then the toddler went in there and destroyed it.. not very happy.  I’ll have to fix it up again.. toys and diapers strewn everywhere…what a mess.



  1. Jennifer H

    Very impressed by all you’ve done in so short a time with your toddler! Wish I had stopped diapers on my oldest son before our baby arrived!

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