1. What is it with guys and their dressers??? Mine also has a dresser full of shirts he never wears and his closet is so full of crap that you can’t even get into it. Yet he wears the same few things over and over. He swears he’s going to clear out most of that stuff, but it still hasn’t happened. The stuff he does wear gets left on a table in his room (his clothes habits are just one of many reasons we have separate rooms). Also, when HE puts clothes away, he somehow manages to cram everyone’s clothes into his dresser where we’d never think to look for them. My son was complaining about not having any underwear and I finally found them in hubby’s dresser. Argh! Can you tell laundry is a sore subject for me???

  2. Kristen F

    Oh I’m so glad to see my hubby isn’t the only one who has a dresser full of clothes he never wears but yet when I ask him to go through them & get rid of what he doesn’t EVER wear it’s like the world is ending. lol I think he is worse than the kids when it comes to parting with something!

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