1. Amy D.

    Love and prayers to you for the placenta previa! Try to meditate everyday.
    I also recently ordered a cloth pad from Pink Lemonade, and so far I love it!

  2. Valerie

    I had placenta previa with Amarah. It’s my understanding that it’s pretty common among women who have had c-sections, which Addison had been. It did eventually resolve itself on its own as I’m sure yours will too. 🙂

  3. I would find slo-mo frustrating too, but if that’s what it takes to bring your little one into the world healthy, that’s what you do! I pray everything resolves itself and there is no danger to either one of you.

    Let hubby do the heavy lifting when it’s time to room-shift!

  4. Vicki Hall

    I also hit the jack pot for weird stuff in pregnancy. I had 24/7 morning sickness the entire time and then developed an infection in the sac surrounding the baby at 34 weeks So I ended up delivering a preemie at 34 weeks. Everything worked out fine. Everything will be ok Good Luck and God Bless.

  5. Rachel N

    I find it so crazy how expensive maternity clothes are. They price them so high because they know you have no other options, you have to wear something! Sorry to hear about your placenta previa, hoping that both you and baby make it through just fine.

  6. Jutta Pearce

    Those cloth pads are awesome! I used Prefolds for myself last time I was postpartum and I loved it. I tried to use some disposables and started to have a terrible reaction. As if you don’t already have enough pain during postpartum. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  7. Kirsten H.

    I like your cloth pads! I recently started using cloth pantie liners. They work so much better than the disposable ones.

  8. Samantha Nelson

    Try not to stress about the previa. I had my son at 31 weeks due to placental abruption so I know a bit about scary placenta things!! It can be incredibly scary, but trust that if something does happen to go wrong the doctors know what to do and will work fast to get things taken care of. AND you still have the chance that it will move!! Hang in there, mama and take it easy! 🙂

  9. jennifer

    It looks like you got some cute clothes. I hated my maternity clothes! Praying the placenta previa resolves itself and you have a healthy pregnancy and baby!

  10. Lynn B

    I bought almost all my maternity clothes on Craigslist. I just couldn’t see spending so much money on things I would wear for such a short time! I did splurge on one nice dress that I wore for the holidays and my shower and dates with the hubby!

  11. Lynn B

    I meant to also say, sending you good vibes and hoping it all works out ok. I understand how hard it is to slow down, I had hypertension at the end of my pregnancy and it was awful being on bed rest!

  12. Laura S

    I’m sorry about your placenta previa! On a lighter note, those pink lemonade pads are fantastic! 😀

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