1. What a great idea…we have done something similar to try to ease out toys that my little man never plays with— we box them up aand put them in the garage…he knows they are there so he doesn’t freak out, but the idea for us is that he’ll realize he doesn’t really need them and we can clear some things out…there are entirely too many unplayed with toys!! Might have to try this with my little guy and see if we can get him playing with more!

  2. Katie S

    I’m so going to do this! We have so many toys at our house it’s ridiculous. I really ought to go through them and get rid of some, but it would be just my luck that after I got rid of them my son would discover something was missing and have a complete melt-down over that item even though it hadn’t been touched in 6 months. This fear keeps me a slave to the buckets of toys!! But we may be moving in a year and several states away and that is where I draw the line. I refuse to move a bunch of junky toys across state lines. That being said, I recently “baby-proofed” our toy closet. We used to just make sure our youngest never went in there. Once it was baby-proofed and he was allowed to play with all those toys he’d never been allowed near he went nuts! He had the time of his life!

  3. beth c

    this is such a wonderful idea! we too have way too many toys- so many that there’s no way my son could ever play with them all in one week even.. it seems like doing this would make his old toys seem new & novel again! of course we have so much stuff in here i don’t know where we’d hide a box of toys! 😀 ah, well! maybe it’s time for some summertime spring cleaning!

  4. Bethany Adams

    That’s almost as good as cleaning up all the toys for getting kids to actually play with them. 🙂

  5. Belinda Parker

    Love this trick as long as the kids don’t find your hiding place. This happened to us the first time I tried it out…lol!

  6. Bekah Kuczenski

    This is so true! I recently sorted through my daughter’s toys putting “baby” toys in the attic for future babies and then also put some toys in the basement that I plan on donating. Well my 2 year old recently found both of these stashes and was so upset, now she loves to get a “new” toy out….

  7. Heidi Daily

    This is such a great idea, I rotated toys when I taught preschool and now do it for my own children.

  8. Cabrina

    Great idea, I do something similar with my 19 month old. I do a 2 week rotation of all her toys, maybe I should try longer and see what happens.

  9. Jessica Hughes

    I do this all the time! Especially around birthdays or holidays when there’s a new influx of stuff coming in.

  10. Sarah Hayes

    Yes! This is what my mom has always told me to do. we dont have enough room for all the toys that have been given to us so we store some of them and have some out for her to play in. just the other day she rediscovered her play table while it was in the storage room and now shes playing with it more that she ever has. I thought she was done with it months ago but with her being older now she is actually able to enjoy it more!

  11. Kylie C

    We actually only keep about 18 toys out at any time and rotate through them- the kids are far more likely to play with their toys and it keeps the house much cleaner.

  12. Lissa E.

    I do this too! I have a few boxes that I use to rotate his toys. Also, our house is very divided, so we keep a few toys in the rooms we spend a lot of time in (Family room, Kitchen, Nursery) and the toys get shifted around. Something that was boring in the Kitchen is much more exciting when moved to the Family Room!

  13. Sarah Hull

    I did this about 2 months ago and it is great! We have a “toy rotation” and it keeps the living room cleaner and when we bring back in toys, they are new all over again!

  14. Danielle B.

    My sister has talked about doing this. My nephews have so many toys they don’t remember what they have until we start organizing and cleaning them up. Then they discover “new” “treasures” they had forgotten. Baby toys also become appealing to older children after they have been put away for a while.

  15. Katie Fowler

    This is a great idea. My son is still very young, but when he is a little older we will definitely rotate toys like this!

  16. Laura

    This is an awesome idea! I am starting to get out the baby toys for our impending arrival and my two year old thinks they are the most fun he’s ever had.

  17. Mary V.

    What a great idea! I always love finding old “treasures” that I was tired of until they disappear. It’s a fabulous way to keep the kiddos interested in what they already have!

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