1. Michelle

    I love the idea of stuffing flats in pockets. Great way to get rid of those nasty microfiber inserts. We use Tide Free too!

  2. Bekah Kuczenski

    I have never used flats before, but this is the same wash routine that I use for my diapers. My washer also only has cold rinses, but so far our wash routine works great 🙂

  3. Vicki Hall

    I do a prewash with no soap then I wash on hot with 1 scoop of Country Save detergent and so far I’ve had no problems I’m gonna try Tide as soon as my Country Save is gone I’ve heard good things about using Tide for cloth diapers. I also wash with a 1/2 cup bleach once in awhile to sanitize them .

  4. Rachel N

    I think I need to switch to flats for my pockets. They seem easier to wash than microfiber. My microfiber is starting to get stinky.

  5. I love that your machine has a option for a double rinse! Our laundry routine would go so much faster if ours had that. I wouldn’t get busy and forget to do the rinse.

  6. My sister loves her flats too. I use mostly hybrids, I think I might try flats out. I have a double rinse on my washer too, Love it!

  7. Rachel A.

    I haven’t used flats, but if I were to acquire some I would probably use them. Good to know how to wash them. Interesting that they didn’t work well without the heavy wash with other types of diapers. thanks for the info!

  8. megan b.

    I always try to use a heavy wash regardless of what type of diaper it is. I do like flats because well there is less to them. They seem to come clean easier. I just need to start using them more.

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