1. Thanks for the update, Jill! Brennan is certainly way ahead in the potty training… Just goes to show you that each kid is different. You must be so proud of Keeley’s reading! I love a kid that reads. My son was “reading” since he was very small – always had a book with him. Of course, it was so much MORE fun when he suddenly understood the meanings of the words on the page. He’s still a great reader. Starting on Stephen King (The Stand and It) and Dean Koontz (Lightning). He was getting bored with his fantasy stuff, so I asked him how he’d like to try something different! Sounds like everything is moving along just as it should. Congratulations on your future arrival!

  2. Katherine Meservy

    Congratulations! Good luck! I could not read at all while pregnant. I couldn’t crochet or watch TV either. I was reading before pregnancy 5-9 books a week and then went to a favorite author book I had been waiting on, it took me 7 months to complete the book. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. It drove me batty!

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