1. I had so much fun with newborn diapers! I was just thinking last night…hmm…I’m cloth diapered two with mostly the same diapers, how many expenses could I justify with my savings? 😉

  2. Rachel

    Personally, I’m not very good about allowing myself to spend money on something because I saved money on something (related or not). I want to put all the money I save into something major….college accounts, retirement, or maybe a big trip. We all need a little treat now and then, though!…definitely something I need to learn:)

    Oh, and I just got a custom Pittsburgh Steelers diaper cover that I’m VERY excited about:) I figured that a cover would be good b/c then if the baby needs changed during the big game, I can just (hopefully) wipe the cover dry and replace whatever I’m using inside! 🙂

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