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  1. I cry. It is, in fact, a great stress reliever. First I pray, then I cry. And then I can get on with things. Today is case in point (see my most recent FB post). It may not look like it to people outside my head but I am under a great deal of stress.

    My father-in-law has another two weeks in rehab. He’s got a feeding tube and the longer it stays in, the greater chance of infection. He’s pretty frail – it could kill him. My mother-in-law needs 24 hour supervision. We are all taking turns. It’s not hard, but the needed repetition and the vigilence required so that she doesn’t burn down the house are wearing. My brother’s mother-in-law was just diagnosed terminal with cancer. He and his wife are alone in caring for her. Today is the birthday of a dear cousin who died seven years ago in a tragic drowning accident along with her husband during a family reunion. All these things in my mind, plus the torndoes of Oklahoma so near to where I used to live – and my son’s declaration a couple of days ago that he wanted to go live in OK and work at the Severe Storms Laboratory (which is located just south of where the monster went through yesterday). Present concern, past sorrows and future worries all just crashed down on me today. I know how you feel.

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