When you accomplish a lot but it looks like nothing…

…that was my day by noon. My husband came home (early), finished working upstairs for a while, and then went to fix the car (wires were worn down and snapped, they actually appeared to have been cut, they were so badly damaged). I took K to the library, dropped off the 2 books I had finished (one completely in the span of this morning-this afternoon), got her a whole new stack, then came home and curled back up on the couch-B was still napping.

I had already done the floor sweeping, the dishes washing, unloading, reloading, this really sucks dance. I’d already folded and washed and dried more laundry. I was spent. While I was reading the kids dumped buckets of toys all over the floor-made it look like nothing had been done all day.

I don’t think my husband was impressed. However, he decided making dinner was a good option for himself as he was starving. Good man. As I was hungry to the point of nausea, I shredded about 3 swipes of cheese before B woke up and needed diaper/potty assistance (she had gas, figured hey, put her on the toilet–got nada out of it). Anyway, K was reading, B was running around not caring about anything so I made myself a taco and sat down. I don’t think my hubby was too impressed (he had been in the bathroom)– so I sighed and made the kids plates while he tracked down the reluctant dinner eater absorbed in her Disney books. B refused to eat anything but the cheese and sour cream, K ate nearly as much as I did and they set out for swim lessons. The older 2. It was just me and baby makes.. well 2 I guess. Ha. I managed to read some of my book, sing a dozen songs, clean up the toys and it didn’t look as much like a tornado had hit then.

Baby nurse, eye therapy, kitchen clean up all still had to be done.

I still have 2 baskets of laundry waiting, but they can wait awhile. I have 2 pages left in this chapter and I’ll be about 2/3 of the way through another book. It’s amazing how much you can ignore when you’re invested in a good book..

Do you lose yourself in books?

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