and much rejoicing was had

…last night when daddy came home after being gone since before breakfast Sunday morning. We had homemade pizza (I had been cooking 15 minutes before he deigned to quit goofing with stuff and give me a hug)–and watched a movie and that was pretty much that. Both girls were ecstatic to have him home, and as he spent most of the day today helping me clean up the remnants of ‘the mouse that tried to avoid the flood and got caught in a very angry livid psychotic very angry mama’s snap trap instead’ episode– seriously not even worth writing about, but the week with him gone was HELL. HELL. We still have some closet checking and such to do, but the majority of the disgusting ordeal is over. Believe me I was praising Jesus when I didn’t see any more issues after it was caught. I spent a lot of sleepless time worrying over sounds and panicking and freaking out and telling the kids off for getting into places they shouldn’t be and dropping crumbs so on and so forth. I had already spent 3 frigging weeks battling ants I sure as heck didn’t need a mouse in the house. After this month, I kind of want the house to burn down, though*. I’m sick to death of cleaning up every single crumb, water drop, and dust particle lest it be deemed tasty… gah…He helped me clean up, and we bought some containers to store our pastas and such in to protect them, so all’s well that ends well. We splurged and had fast food AT a fast food place, then resumed our cleaning and eventually made dinner and got the kids run through bath time and now it’s about time for US to go to bed too. Whew. Long, long day. Hope your week was better than mine.
*Note: I don’t really want the house to burn down, but I am very very very very very frustrated and angry with having my home invaded. My new home. That isn’t supposed to have these issues. Argh.

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