Fist Pump Friday: Life goes on


As with all things, life eventually goes on. Wounds heal, children grow, learn and start to gain attitudes ;-) I saw my doctor today and she said we could ‘get busy’ making another baby whenever we decide it’s time. Meanwhile, the toddler is learning how to climb steps, mimics everyone, and is on the cusp of becoming a whole little person. The big kid, meanwhile, is reading everything that isn’t tied down (and some that is), has opinions about everything, and if she ever had a shell, she definitely is breaking out of it.

Neither of my kids has any fear.


Which both elates and terrifies me. I just want them to watch PBS with me for the rest of their lives! I guess then I’d be going against my manifest! Ah well!

Can you tell me how to get?

Can you tell me how to get?

This post brought to you by the number 5 and the letter H for hope!

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  1. Comment by Cheerful Homemaker:

    It’s so hard to want them to grow and learn new things and yet, at the same time, want them to stay little forever so you can keep them safe.

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