1. When I was a kid, we didn’t have these giant egg hunts and we didn’t do them at church either. We dyed hard-boiled eggs and my dad hid them the night before Easter. In the morning, we got up, got dressed in our church clothes and hunted eggs while they took pictures. Once all the eggs were found, they went into the fridge and we ate them for lunch the whole next week.

    My mom usually counted the eggs so we’d know we’d gotten them all. One year, one egg wasn’t found. Months went by and no one thought about it. THen, by chance, my brother John found it. It was robin’s egg blue and he thought it was an abandoned bird’s egg. So he decided to hatch it himself. He hollowed out a spot in the garage (it had a dirt ledge) and proceeded to sit the egg. After a while, he had to go to the bathroom, so he called another brother (Jerry) over to keep the egg warm while he ran upstairs. Jerry sat down – hard, and the most amazing stink filled the garage and the house. Yep, he found the lost Easter egg!

  2. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    We grew up searching for our baskets and then Grandma would hide some plastic eggs with money and candy in them and we had to find them. One time my basket was in the laundry chute to the basement, covered with clothes. That was one tricky bunny. I got to hide Mindy’s one year, and I put it in Dad’s bowling bag. She couldn’t find it for a long time, so finally I had to string along some Easter grass to give her a clue.

    Pretty much the same thing happens for my kids. The bunny comes. So far, the baskets have been hidden together, because they search together. They were in the shower last year. Mark’s parents typically hide filled plastic eggs.

    I grew up with a basket full of candy on Easter morning. But I don’t want all of that candy. It’s much more expensive, but this year the kids will be getting Cubs t-shirts, fun bandaids, stickers, pajamas, a book, a few pieces of leftover candy from Halloween (just have to be sure not to get any that are packaged in Halloween wrappers!), and then a few random things per child. Rachel is getting a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse CD. Lauren is getting a cheap Barbie movie I found. She loves those things. Jacob is getting a cheap super Mario cartoon dvd. Jacob will also get one skylanders character, Lauren a necklace and bracelet set I picked up at a craft show and just came across in my closet tonight, adn Rachel a mini cabbage patch doll dressed up like a sheep. Sometimes they get socks and underwear. Sometimes toothbrushes, though they just got those in their stockings. Sometimes bath poofs. when they were younger, they got coloring books, but we have plenty now. I keep a box of small sized trinkets around to use in baskets, stockings, or if I just need a little something. You could stick in a pair of sandels or a hat. Or a couple new colors of play doh. As a kid, I got a jump rope one year, fisher price adjustable roller skates another, and a hula hoop on another. There are lots of ideas!

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