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  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    I love seeing kids celebrate Dr. Seuss week! When I went in for centers today for Lauren, we got to read a Dr. Seuss book and do “book reports.” Much more fun than our usual activity! What’s your favorite Seuss story? There are so many good ones. The Lorax has been a favorite of ours for years. Fox in Socks is the most fun to read. I love the Tweedle Beatle part. Green Eggs and Ham always had a good message for Lauren. The Butter Battle Book really makes you think. Of course there is the Grinch. They liked to act that one out at Christmas. I didn’t have any Dr. Seuss books growing up, and Mindy only had One Fish Two Fish, Are you my Mother?, The Cat in the Hat, and In a People House. What a world Mark introduced me to! There are kids in Lauren’s class who can’t rhyme. I asked one if her mom ever read Dr. Seuss to her. She looked clueless, so I named off a few of the most popular books. Got nothing. I’m floored. Anyone who reads these to their kids really provides them with a great language background plus good messages. So who wouldn’t want to do that, you know?

    And that is perhaps the cutest cushy bum I’ve seen 🙂

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