1. I haven’t been on FB long, only active since December, so I wouldn’t miss it much. My interaction is via my blog (at least my cyber interactions) but I am out during the day at work and here and there, so it’s not the same for me.

    I did the stay at home mom thing for a long time. It does get lonely. Are there still such things as email loops for people? I know there are still homeschool loops as I still subscribe to one.

    Worth checking into? I’d come over and bake cookies with your kids or help them build a big fort in the living room while you go out shopping… but there’s the matter of a really long drive with a vehicle that’s slowly wearing out. Sorry.

    Another bonus of being free from religion for me is that Lent and other things are just… things. They have no relation to me or my life.

  2. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Will you email or post here after your D&C? What time do you go in? I know you said late in the day, but that doesn’t narrow it down much. I’d just like to hear how you are doing after. Praying for you.

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