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  1. Giving up FaceBook is a real sacrifice – especially as isolated as you are. I say stick with it!!! I may give that a go next year, but this year I’ve got a brother who is hopping about in the mid-East from frying pan to frying pan it seems and FB is the ONLY communication we have. Supposedly he’ll be home more when things “calm down”. We’ll see.

    I have friends who have very different opinions and feelings about things like politics and guns and almost any topic you’d care to mention. I just kind of skip over that stuff – and I hide one of my brothers on a regular basis just because he’s like a dog with a bone on certain topics. He just won’t let go and gets more and more vocal when people try to reason with him. I’d just rather not go there, so I don’t.

    Enjoy your peace – at least on the FB side. Don’t know what to tell you about the in-person, elusive peace…

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