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  1. Valerie

    I’m a big menu planner as well. We try to have fun with it. At first, it was everyone getting to pick a meal for one night each week. Then we switched it up and started coming up with themes for each day. Monday was meatless but now it’s been changed to “make your own meal” Monday, meaning we eat whatever is around because we usually have leftovers from the weekend (when we like to make bigger meals). Tuesday was Taco Tuesday but now is Take-Out Tuesday where we try to make a favorite restaurant meal at home. Wednesday has been Wing Wednesday but I think we moved onto something different. Can’t remember what. LOL. Thursday is comfort food (probably change after winter is over). Friday is Fix Your Own Pizza. We all love this one. I make my own dough and divide it into 4 dough balls so then everyone gets to make their own pizza. Saturday is either Seafood Saturday or Souper Saturday. Same with Sunday. Add suggested doing super food Sunday so we might do that as well. We also will probably do some type of summery meal during the winter to remind us that warmer days will soon be here! 🙂

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