1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    That clingy phase is SO tough! Thankfully we are out of the all of the time pick me up phase, though I still don’t get peace in the bathroom unless Rachel is napping. Even Jacob, who doesn’t like me to come in when he is on the pot or in the shower, doesn’t think twice about how I will feel if he busts in on me. Anyway, good luck with getting through this stage. It’ll pass and you’ll be on to another one in no time. This one was so tough though because it’s hard on both Mom and Dad….I remember Mark wanting to help but they wouldn’t want him anywhere near and would yell at him and I couldn’t get a moment’s peace. Nor could I get anything done because I was carrying around our monster sized children all of the time. I didn’t mind at first when Jacob went through a stage of not wanting me to do anything for him, because I was quite pregnant with Lauren and thrilled he was letting Mark do something for him, but when he didn’t even see fit to have me pour his milk and Daddy was back at work, it got tough fast. Soon she’ll be too big and past this and once in a while, you will miss it 🙂

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