Talk about it Tuesday: If you’re feeling bad…

*This post was inspired by someone who quit their job because they were under extreme stress, and it was making the person physically sick and had been for months. They asked for help from a Facebook group I’m a part of, just to make it through the day. They weren’t even sure they could make it through a few hours in a day. Have you been there?


If you’re feeling mad, or sad, or just have the blahs, there is nothing wrong with asking a spouse, trusted friend, mentor, therapist, or pastor for advice. It’s also okay to take a break, say you don’t want to exchange presents with 45 members of your family if you lost your job this year, or refuse a drink if you’re driving home. It’s okay.

Don’t make 12 kinds of cookies if really, all you care about is eating chocolate chips out of the bag. Everyone with a sense of humor will join you in your treat and think you’re brilliant. I mean, isn’t that what we all want to do anyway?

If you’re in a bad situation, get out of it. Fake being sick, claim a headache and excuse yourself, call a cab. Take a vacation day or a leave of absence, or just tell someone that you need a mental health day. Find your safe place. Go there. Then rest and relax. Do whatever makes you happy that is also safe for you and the rest of the planet. Sometimes, this time of year is just rough. If you need some eggnog, then drink it in your living room in front of the fire. If you don’t have a fire, bring up a picture of one on the internet (apparently there are ‘apps’ for that as well). Make some hot chocolate, or eat some ice cream. Blast some of your favorite music or order a pizza and curl up with a movie. When you’re calmed down..

  • talk to someone you trust to help you put things in perspective–is there anything (non-harmful) you can do about what’s upsetting you?
    -If not, give yourself permission just to ‘feel it’ and get beyond it. If there is, put steps into motion to ‘fix’ the problem.
    -Understand that life is tenuous at least, mere decades long at best. One bad day does not a bad life make. Violence is rarely the answer, by the way.
  • send an email to an old friend that always makes you smile, or better yet, call them, they’ll love hearing your voice.
  • volunteer your time or talent to an organization you believe in, donation optional, the time is more important than the money.

If you’re REALLY concerned about your mental status, or violence seems to be the only answer, please go seek counsel from someone you trust to steer you away from doing anything harmful. If you know anyone you are concerned about, tell them you are concerned. Tell their family you are concerned, tell their teacher you are concerned. Tell someone. Make it an open discussion.

What would you add to this?

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