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  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Rachel calls mittens “puppets.” We only have one real hand puppet into this house, but considering more. I just realized last week that our half wall between the kitchen and great room would make a great place to put on a puppet show. The big kids could make their own, but I’m not ready to hand Rachel craft supplies besides crayons 🙂 My kids love making box cars when we have something come in the mail in a box big enough for them to fit in. They actually cut out wheels, lights, windows and such and paste them on. Today, they just sat in plain ones they hadn’t decorated. They were little boxes (about an 18 inch cube) but Jacob and Rachel were together in one. It was cute when she climbed out and said “I’m home!!” Anyway, I’m getting off topic! Rachel loves shoes and underwear. For some reason, putting Jacob’s underwear on her head is hysterical to her. It’s really not all that funny. And like most kids, a few measuring cups or big spoons and a bowl make her really happy. I think I’m getting her a Bilibo for Christmas. It’s a toy specifically meant to have no real purpose but they use their imagination to come up with ways to play. Gets good reviews and seemed like an interesting idea for a kid who really doesn’t need anything else.

    I love how Keeley is using the shells!

    Oh, and I use Velveeta whenever I’m making a cheese sauce. i don’t care for grilled cheese with it, but Mark does. I do not care how processed it is. It makes delicious mac and cheese!

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