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  1. I was shocked the first time the school sent my cupcakes back, saying they would only take store bought. It was the last time I volunteered food for school because I can’t afford to buy cupcakes already made. I can make however many I need for much less. Luckily, I don’t NEED them anymore.

    There are days when I think I must be stuck in a time warp. The way I remember things being done are not the way they’re done now. Most of those things require MONEY these days – something I have very little of. Time is also precious, but I have a lot more of that than I do money. All these new requirements leave me out – I can’t do them all.

    That said, I spend a lot of time making various things. I enjoy it and when I’m done, someone else usually enjoys it too. One place I’ve found my cooking and other skills wanted is at church, so I have a way to contribute without spending a boatload.

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