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  1. That is happening in my family too. Or, rather, my husband’s. My parents are about 10 years behind his, so I can see this might happen to us too. His mom has alzheimers. His dad is frail and impatient. He yells at her and she doesn’t know why because she doesn’t remember asking him the previous 10 times in the last 10 minutes if he wants a sandwich. It’s sad. And I look that that and think “This is what my son is going to remember about his grandparents.”

    My own parents are starting to fail. I don’t really expect to have my mom in another five years. She’s had so many health problems in the last couple of years and each one takes a terrible toll on her. I get the feeling she’s winding down. My dad is still pretty hale and hearty, but he needs a lot of help now to do things that were easy only a few years ago. And when Mom goes, the wind will go out of his sails. I expect he’ll be one of those who follow the spouse into the grave within a year because life without her isn’t really worth living. At least my boy will have some amazing memories of them. My dad taught him how to shoot and they’re going to set up an archery range for him. He’s learned how to drive the golf cart and help take care of chickens and all kinds of things that will always be with him – and I’m glad of that. I just wish he could have the same kind of memories of his other grandparents…

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