Geffen Baby High Absorber Diaper Inserts Review


Hi to all you cloth diaper enthusiasts out there! Welcome to my blog. Feel free to stick around after entering the contest and check out how we live life… with plenty of threads and thriftiness, but without bubble wrap! Back in December I was selected to test Geffen Baby cloth diaper High Absorber inserts. They are a new company wading into the flood of cloth diaper manufacturers to add something different! Of course, I was ecstatic and have been using the inserts weekly since then! Since I mostly have double insert diapers, I most often use them along with single insert AIOs to add extra oomph for naps or excursions outside the house.

From the company: “The High Absorber inserts are made of 2 layers of ultra-absorbent 60% hemp/40% organic cotton, and 3 layers of ultra soft fleece.  They were designed for babies 6-12 months old, and we estimate they will absorb 6.5-8 oz of liquid.”

I was asked to prep the inserts 3 times before use, and that they would gain absorbency the more they were used. I’m certain I only prepped them once or twice. I am way too impatient to wait that long! However, I can tell you that I reached for one of these inserts to stick under the layers of my AIO when we took Brennan in for surgery 2 weeks ago! It really absorbed a lot and as it was under microfiber, it was the perfect ‘going the distance’ combo for us! A big bonus is that unlike microfiber, hemp/cotton blends tend to not hold stink, so I will reach for them again and again! Even after all night in the diaper, through the hospital stay and until I washed diapers again, I didn’t have to worry! Use them in place of your regular microfiber diaper insert. Another thing to consider: these are natural inserts, so they can sit next to baby’s skin. I like a natural fiber when baby has redness, and it would be great for say… you want to take a nice shot for a photo contest but don’t want to dirty that particular diaper, since it can sit next to the skin, you have a ‘trap’ for any wayward mess, and you’ll ‘save’ that diaper. Same thing if you want to avoid say a stain on a particular diaper, you could lay the inserts next to baby’s skin and it’s safe, the insert will take the stain hit and protect you diaper. One thing I will note was that with some diapers, I was getting leaks with the regular insert, I still got leaks with this insert as well. If you’ve got a wonky diaper, you’ve got a wonky diaper! It’s an insert, not a miracle cure! Silly me!

Connect with the company:

BUY IT!! The Geffen Baby website is still under construction but you can use this link TO BUY Geffen baby products!

WIN IT!! Geffen baby has offered 3-pack of the quick absorbers. They are 5 layers of quick absorbent, soft 60% Hemp 40% organic cotton Jersey. They are 5.5”x13” and 100% organic.
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  1. Comment by Nicole Peerson:

    I’d love to try the hemp/jersey prefolds!

  2. Comment by Katie Fender:

    I love the nursing pads!

  3. Comment by julie L.:

    I would love to try the jersey nursing pads!

  4. Comment by Olivia L:

    I’d like to try the small jersey prefold for #2 due next month.

  5. Comment by Jessica S:

    I like the cotton wipes.

  6. Comment by Cassie C:

    Med/Large Jersey Prefolds

  7. Comment by Dan:

    Medium Jersey Prefolds– although really I need quick absorbers!

  8. Comment by Jessica O:

    I would love to try the hemp wipes!

  9. Comment by callista lofton:

    I’d try the cotton wipes

  10. Comment by stormi noll:

    I’d love to try the hemp/jersey prefolds!

  11. Comment by Lisa P:

    Totally the hemp/jersey prefolds… the ones I have are so bulky!

  12. Comment by Amy Bailey:

    I really like the Nursing Pads Jersey :D could really use them

  13. Comment by Bekah Kuczenski:

    I love the nursing pads!

  14. Comment by Joelle:

    Love the idea of reusable nursing pads!

  15. Comment by LucieS:

    Fleece nursing pads would be a life saver!

  16. Comment by Nikole H.:

    I think I’d also like their Fleece Prefold Medium/Large :)

  17. Comment by Sarah Jane:

    I love their fleece prefolds.

  18. Comment by Sarah Jane:

    I love their fleece prefolds.

  19. Comment by Beki:

    Med/Large Jersey Prefolds

  20. Comment by Linda:

    Hemp jersey prefolds!

  21. Comment by samantha clinton:

    the jersey prefolds

  22. Comment by Jennifer Barr:

    Super Absorbers Plus Universal inserts 6 Pack

  23. Comment by Kris:

    Wipes Hemp/organic Cotton

  24. Comment by Britni Bradford:

    The fleece prefolds look great!

  25. Comment by Tracy H:

    The fleece nursing pads

  26. Comment by Jillian Lathen:

    Im so curious to see if they make a difference for my heavy wetter at night.

  27. Comment by Daniela:

    I would love to try the insert made out of hemp. I only have microfiber ones.

  28. Comment by Breanne:

    Wipes Hemp/Organic Cotton

  29. Comment by Erin B:

    Jersey nursing pads

  30. Comment by Copper:

    I like the hemp fleece prefolds!

  31. Comment by Kelsea M:

    I really like the hemp nursing pads! Awesome!

  32. Comment by SAB:

    i’d like to try the hemp prefolds

  33. Comment by tina bob:

    I like to try medium /large hemp prefolds

  34. Comment by Heather S:

    I like the hemp/organic wipes.

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