1. Hmmm…I am pretty skeptical about this type of thing, to be honest. I should try it on my little Hulk, though, and see if I notice any difference.

  2. Jen

    You aren’t alone! And it is not just red dye — all the artificial dyes (Usually labeled FD&C___) are bad. They are made from crude oil and our kids should avoid them. There’s a cool support group that parents organized years ago that tells you all about it. It’s called the Feingold Assoc. We started the diet years ago. Huge difference in our son.

  3. We used to call it ‘asshole powder’. As in, ‘hey, I think this cereal has asshole powder in it, it turned Lyssa into an asshole within about 20 minutes.’

    Yep. All sorts of food dyes made her weird. Matt, not so much.

    I hate that there are so many horrible additives in our foods. With my allergy to MSG, I am really, really careful, but they sneak it in under other words.

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