1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Great trick! My big time for doing that is when I cut Jacob’s hair. “Welcome back, Mr. Wolfmeyer! How much are we cutting off today? How are the kids? How many kids do you have now? ” and so on. he LOVES to play the “game.” Whatever works, right? Have you learned how to french braid yet? K may not be able to sit still enough for you to practice often if you haven’t yet. But if you like the fluffy, wavy hair from the ponytail braids, you’ll love it when french braided. And then you don’t HAVE to put it back up again, because it doesn’t have the ponytail bump.

    We bathe the kids every other day, unless they got really gross. We’ll probably do it more this summer. But we now just have too many kids for every day bathing! We have also done “half showers” if they have had an accident in their pants. I don’t want them to be unclean, but we may have already had a shower that day and they don’t feel like they are being put upon so much if we do that half. And lately, I’ve been showering Rachel with me. I never did that with the other two. It’s SO much faster and easy now that she’ll sit on the shower floor. As long as Mark is available to get her out.

    Keeley has such pretty hair!

  2. I used to put a few drops of food coloring in the bath water. Didn’t stain her skin and she always got to choose one of three colors. (I did not offer yellow.. haha)

    She learned color mixing, too, when we started mixing this and that ‘just to see’.

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