1. I know that there are a TON of ‘teacher’ gifts at Goodwill. And many of my teacher friends say “If I get one more damn apple themed product I will scream.”

    A gift card at the end of the year seems to be the most appreciated, then they can get what they want.

    And we overdo because society does… time to fight back against that and do only what works for US.

  2. Emily

    I teach high school at one of the poorest schools in Oregon. On a weekly basis, I deal with disrespect from students who find it appropriate to swear and discuss their drinking habits in my classroom rather than spend the 45 minutes we have together each day reading or writing. I have parents who yell and tell me that their student has done absolutely nothing wrong even though I have their students paper side-by-side with another student & they are the exact same essay. I deal with a school board who has treated their teachers so poorly that we voted last night to go on strike beginning on May 21. Do I think I have it any worse than anyone else lucky enough to have a job these days? Absolutely not. Nor do I expect my students to come to school every day this week with homemade gifts. But please keep in mind that for most teachers, teacher appreciation week is simply a week when one or two people MIGHT say thank you for your hard work rather than choosing to focus on what we aren’t doing well or quickly enough.

  3. I work in non-profit and get more than a little tired of my teacher friends complaining about how little they are appreciated, how little they are paid, how much they do, how much they have to buy from their own pockets. Sorry, but that’s the nature of the beast in my profession too, and I don’t get 3 months off a year (also, I’m paid less than starting salaries of teachers in my city). This shouldn’t have been surprising to anyone who pursued a degree in education, just like the fact that I don’t get paid much and deal with a lot of crazy because I pursued a career in non-profit shouldn’t and doesn’t surprise me.

    I think you should do nice things for the people in your life – no doubt about that. Show your kids’ teachers you appreciate them (and everyone else in our lives for that matter). But I agree – nobody needs a week.

  4. I give Christmas and End-of-the year gifts to the teacher – in the shape of gift cards from the local store. Am I over doing it? I don’t think so – that teacher has spent the entire day teaching and watching my kid – along with ~20 other kids (it is higher for the public schools). Not only do they have to keep kids focused but teach them the skills they will need as adults. That’s got to be pretty exhausting.

    For teacher appreciation week? I’m not into going all fancy – but having the kids write a note saying how much they appreciate their teacher along with a picked bouquet from my yard. And, I think the reason it is a whole week long is to give us, the parents, an opportunity to do it – a “one-day” thing would mean we’d miss the day.

  5. Do people really send gifts each day? I just graduated 8 years ago and don’t recall getting my teachers any gifts that week. I know that the school did nice things for teachers that week. Had little treats for the teachers and had a luncheon for them.

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