Brennan- 8 month update

Eyes: Still changing colors, the best is the ‘sunflower’, the rim of blue, the green, and then the ‘bam’ of golden brown that rims the pupil like a.. sunflower! Love this! Did I mention that?
Head: Growing spiky hair all over the place, looking more blonde? Still really hard to tell!
Face: TOOTH #1 has made its appearance! More are on the way. Beautiful clear skin. Spits out tylenol *sigh*, lots of drool, beautiful smile for everyone!
Neck: Still has one remaining double chin, but the back of it has thinned out. Oh no!
Arms/trunk: Keeps herself from falling over from a seated position YEAH! Beats on everything, uses them to move herself in circles and push backward! Pushes up!
Lower body/legs: Delightfully chubby, and getting useful, can push lower body up to a crawling position!

Height: will update at 9 months
Weight: will update at 9 months– but our digital scale said 18.2 lbs (shirt and diaper, wow!)
Head Circ: will update at 9 months

Sleep: Has been teething and so has been sleeping in 2-3 hours stretches (like newborn) and waking to eat. Mom is not thrilled about this, but is hopeful that we’ll get a break once the first teeth finish popping through!

Demeanor: Squeals to get attention, especially from big sister. Lots and lots of happiness and laughter. Cries when parent leaves room.

Clothing: After brief cold spell, will rotate 6-9 month short sleeve onesies out and 9-12 month and 12 month clothes in.

Diapers: FB small diaper still fits, shelved the minky itti bitti diapers (mediums) as they were outgrown, moved up to snaps showing on almost all diapers.

Nursing: Still exploring with her hands, seems to pull her hair a lot or scratch, eating more due to teething!

Likes: Seeing how much noise she can make (beating toys together, squealing, clucking, popping her lips together)
Dislikes: Being left alone, falling over.
Cute things:  New ‘mouth noises’ like clucking her tongue!
NSC things: Separation anxiety is at its peak! Oh my. Lots of crying when left alone, or even if mom just turns around!

SOLID FOODS: (boo!) Tried banana on Tuesday, spit it out! That’s my girl.

Food? No! F--eeeeewwww-d!!!

Rolling over at bedtime


Sister toys taste better!

Soooo tired!

I'm a little airplane, now!!!

I don't WANNA take my picture!

Lovin' on grandma!

Sitting pretty!

Easter toys, Easter joys!


  1. She’s growing up… of course you’re ready for another one now, right?

    I’m glad that you included some pictures this time, since I don’t do FB.

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