Real Diaper Week and the GCDH

Today kicks off ‘real diaper’ week.  From the website: “Real Diaper Week will take place April 16 – 21, 2012.  The focus of RDW is advocacy and education.  Each day we will focus on one area of advocacy, with supporting education and challenges. The overall theme of the 2012 Real Diaper Week is “Real Simple. Real Diapers.” ” I’m sure there are a ton of giveaways focused around this week, as well as lots of information going out there, so take some time to jump from link to link and see if you can meet some new friends and learn a bit along the way.


On May first, the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt  (more info here) starts again. You register, you follow clues, you find the icon, you are entered to win. Basically, it’s an online scavenger hunt with hundreds of dollars worth of winnings. The first year I played, I won this cover:

Knickernappies small cover over a prefold

Not too bad, right, especially since all it took was a little time and brain power? Hunting is fun and less messy than real hunting, for sure. This is a great way to learn about cloth diapers, as well if you’re new to them or are interested in learning more–just reading the clues helps you figure out a lot of things that may be foreign concepts to you!

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