Cue John Denver…

Yes, sadly, he is again leaving on a jet plane. Duty calls. Hopefully the casinos and strippers won’t call, too. 😉 Both girls will miss daddy…we’re in for a long week.




  1. If money weren’t an issue at work, I’d be winging my way to Las Vegas myself today – our national Tech Conference is starting on Tuesday (I think). I have a love/hate relationship with LV. I love it because it’s dry and a complete departure for me from my everyday life. The hotels are nice and I get to live in a place that’s nice and clean and not strewn with socks and underwear from a shedding kid. I hate that everything costs so much, that I can’t drink the water and have to buy it and haul it back to my room. I hate the smoke that is pretty much everywhere again. And the noise that never seems to stop. I’m not much of a gambler or a drinker and other than those two things, there’s not a lot I can afford to do there. I walk a lot. Mostly in the early morning when they’re hosing the sidewalks down after a night of people throwing up or peeing on them. Gee, doesn’t that make you want to go????

  2. Hopefully the time goes by quickly!

    Growing up my dad didn’t travel for work, but he did swing shifts. When he worked nights he’d wake up after we went to bed and went to bed before we got home from school. The week before that he’d work evenings. We basically only saw him for any decent amount of time one out of every three weeks until I was 17 and he finally got on day shift. 🙁

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