1. Agreed.

    In our day and age – if you don’t want to be pregnant there are TONS of birth control options to keep you from getting in that position. Condoms are the cheapest. I get so angry when I hear about teen pregnancy. It is preventable.

    I worry for the upcoming generation because AIDS has dropped from our communications. The mass add campaigns about safe sex have stopped. It’s still out there looking for victims.

  2. I agree, too.
    And I know enough people who have been pregnant as teens who ended up raising the baby and things turned out okay. Yeah, a different path than they might have otherwise taken, but so?

    I made sure my kids had every single question answered WHEN THEY ASKED it… we had a constant dialog from the time they were pretty young. As a result, they know what their options are and that sex isn’t a game or to be taken lightly. They need to care about the person they are with, and take appropriate precautions.

    And I’ve always wondered at hearing things like, ‘If my daughter ever got pg I’d kick her out!’

    Really? I think every child should be supported emotionally and physically and in every other way. And someone can seriously toss a grandchild out? Really?
    Not in a million years for me… I would do whatever I could to make sure that little one got a good start and knew he or she was loved.

    Babies are to love and take care of, regardless of their beginnings or the age of their parents. And I really dislike PP for many reasons.

  3. Ok my opinion is different…

    I don’t think you have to love someone forever to have sex with them. Sometimes you just want to have sex bewcause it just feels so good. Sure it is more meaningful and special when it is someone you love. But there is something totally hot and animalistic that comes with just feeding that primal urge. There is a scene in the movie “The Women” Where Diane Keatons character is talking with Meg Ryans character about sex as a teenager and the young girl says something along the lines of so youre going to tell me that sex is only good when it is with someone you love nad who respects you? and Diane Keaton says something along the lines of, No, no I am not, sex can be really good with someone you care nothing about, but it is so much better when it is with somone you love….I agree with this statement so much and I love the blunt honesty of a 40-50 year old woman sharing this with a 15 year old girl. I think we spend to much time lying to children about sex, how it feels and what it means. I think brutal honesty is the only way to go as it quenches the thirst of their curiosity.

    As far as teen pregnancy being 100% preventable, hell yeah it is and I blame parents and conservatives for their being so much of it!!!!! Teach these kids about using a condom from the time they are 10 years old. Sex can kill you!

  4. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    They don’t want to BUY the condoms. They don’t want to be caught buying them. I was floored when I saw condom machines in the bathrooms in college, but you know, if someone would be willing to buy it there, but not at the store, that works for me. THey used to give them away. A lot of people think it’s wrong to give away BC, because then you are “encouraging teens to have sex.” I dont’ think so. YOu are encouraging them to have SAFE sex. And they are going to have it if they want it, regardless of what is available. So let’s make it available!!! It took me until AFTER I was married and had my first child to not feel weird buying condoms. I figured people would at least see I was being smart since I already had one so young. I was glad to have the ring on my finger, too, though. It shouldnt’ matter, but of course it feels like all eyes are on you. The self check outs have to have helped some people with their buying experience. I remember being home from college for the summer and goign with a girlfriend to a different town to buy condoms. And another time for her pregnancy test. Heaven forbid someone see who might know our mothers!

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