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  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    Keeley is such a bright, imaginative little girl! It’s wonderful! WIsh I could spend more time with her . I know she drives you nuts (that’s what our own kids do to us!!!) but I bet she’s a huge delight to those who aren’t dealing with the tantrums all the time 🙂

    It’s so great that you have lots of land, so Keeley can play outside more independently at her age without worrying about traffic and passersby.

    Good luck with the wiping. My kids both learned to clean up #1 when they were 3, at the beginning of preschool. They wouldn’t do it for me. It took one time od me saying that their teacher told me they could do it at school, so they could do it at home, and they did. As for cleaning up a number 2, that’s a different story. Neither one will do that at preschool, so that hasn’t been an issue. As long as it’s a cleanish one to begin with (you know, not real smeary) and he doesn’t sit long enough that it dries up, Jacob can care for himself now. Lauren is another story. She has decided to try a few times on her own, and has succeeded in clogging the toilet every time. I’ve tried telling her that I think it’s great for her to want to clean herself up, but she needs to have me around to supervise for a bit. She is horrible offended by that, and each time she’s clogged the toilet (and you know the last time that happened, how we got a huge leak on our ceiling from it) she has been upset about it and refused to try again for a while. One mom told me that i just have to deal with “skidmarks” in the underpants for a while. I just can’t get past the “gross” factor of that and let it happen.

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